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The 20 Important Points to Follow When Staging Your Home

You’re ready to list your home for sale. Before hosting open houses, consider staging. Strategically preparing your space maximizes appeal to potential buyers. Follow these 20 staging tips for best results.


Declutter Every Room
Excess belongings make rooms feel smaller. Pare down to essentials only. Store extras offsite to create a clean, spacious look.

Organize Kitchen Cabinets
Neatly arrange dishes and food items. Buyers open cabinets – disorder is a turn off. Consider clear organizers to maximize visible space.

Update Kitchen and Bath Hardware
Modern handles and fixtures modernize the space. Stick to classics like nickel and bronze for timeless appeal.

Style Bookshelves Purposefully
Curate shelves with decor items, framed photos, and neatly lined books. Avoid overloading – follow the “less is more” principle.

Rearrange Furniture
Angle furniture to create open flow. Remove extra pieces to avoid a cluttered look. Define each space purposefully.

Incorporate Mirrors
Strategic mirrors visually expand smaller rooms. Place across from windows to reflect natural light.

Refresh Walls with Neutral Paint
Light grey, beige, and pale blue create a clean backdrop. Avoid personal color choices – stick to universally appealing hues.

Accent with Greenery
Plants add life and freshness. Opt for low maintenance varieties that don’t require frequent watering.

Illuminate with Lamps
Additional lighting makes rooms brighter and more inviting. Place lamps in corners to fill in shadows.

Clear Bathroom Counter Clutter
Buyers examine bathrooms closely. Keep just a sparse few toiletries on counters. Store all else in cabinets or drawers.

Depersonalize Throughout
Remove personal photos, kids’ artwork, political signs, etc. Buyers want to envision their life, not yours.

Organize Garage Shelving
Neatly arranged tools, sports gear, and supplies show off the garage as a functional perk, not just cluttered storage.

Landscape Curb Appeal Areas
Well-maintained lawns and gardens boost first impressions. Weed, trim, and clean up the exterior.

Set the Scene with Vignettes
Create mini scenes throughout with decor. For example, arrange coffee table books beside a flower bouquet.

Make Beds Freshly
Crisply made beds feel clean and luxurious. Opt for cohesive bedding in neutral tones.

Clean Every Surface
Scrub floors, walls, windows, and fixtures until they gleam. Clutter gathers dust – banish it entirely.

Eliminate All Scents and Odors
Cook ethnic dishes after moving out. During showings, avoid anything that lingers or overwhelms.

Control Lighting Ambiance
Maximize natural light during the day. Install dimmers to set a warm mood in the evenings.

Maintain Tidiness Daily
Staging is ongoing work. Keep everything orderly in case of impromptu showings between scheduled visits.


Focus on depersonalizing, de-cluttering, deep cleaning, furniture arranging, and creating ambiance. Proper home staging ensures your space shows at its absolute best.


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